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Life Cycle

2009 running time 2:17
Rendered in HD
Maya, Final Cut Pro
A CMU (4 person) team project supervised by James Duesing and Jessica Hodgins.
Responsibilities included; Team Management, Modeling, Editing, Texturing, Animating

Dream Animatic

2007 running time 1:50
Final Cut Pro, Photoshop
An animatic based on a dream led by strong visual narrative.
Includes original photography, soundtrack, and edited photographs

Rebuild Iraq

2008 running time 3:05

Video Demo
Flux 14 Braddock, a Pittsburgh based art show.
A collaborative project (3 people) where we made an interactive game with
an IR gun controller in which a player rebuilds the Iraqi landscape from
a variety of sprites.

Cells Splitting

2008 running time 0:20
A cell replication animation test

Contact: lahecht@gmail.com